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Queen of procrastination proves herself once again. So much so that the “end-of-2013″ is being published in 2014. *applause*

Every year we say - Wow. This year passed by in a flash. It all went by so quickly. I feel like it happens faster and faster every single year!

So what have I achieved this year?


The Day Surgery Pharmacy opened early this year. It’s ‘My’ satellite pharmacy. I’m the in-charge. Sounds pretty cool actually. But… why do I feel like I haven’t done much for it? I didn’t set up the room, I can’t manage stocks in the pharmacy… All I’ve done is make sure the workflows work (and they haven’t really been working sometimes…). And I didn’t even come up with the original workflows to start with. Hm… Fail #1.

I survived a week of being ‘on-call’. That phone ringtone is something that will continue to bring chills down my spine every time I hear it. Well… next year it’ll be worse anyway. Working night-shift as the ONLY pharmacist in the entire hospital from 8pm-8am is NOT something I’m looking forward to. But has to be done.

I became a certified Quit Smoking Consultant. Sounds cool again. But really I’ve done only a handful of proper counselling sessions. And whether successful or not I’m not sure because I haven’t had the chance to follow up with them. :( what I do know though, is that I’ve taken on a lot of students and pre-regs and ran many tutorial sessions with them to teach them all there is to know about running a smoking cessation clinic. It’s like a newbie teaching a newbie. All talk, no action. Apparently those who have listened in think I’ve been doing this for a long time tho. Maybe I’m a good actress.

I started training to run Anticoagulation Clinics. Yep. I’m becoming a ‘clinician pharmacist’. At least that’s what it says under my ID when I log in to the prescribing system. I think they have to give me that fancy name to allow me to prescribe. I feel totally inadequate and Totally useless in the clinics right now… and totally unsure of everything I’m doing. But… It’s been month. 9 sessions. I’m working on it and I think I’ll be better.

I’ve taken on a few external talks. I think that’s the best part of my job this year. I get to take time off, and go out and talk/present on topics like travel medications and supplements to the general public and come across as the ‘professional’ in the topic. It’s exciting, and pretty awesome. :)
But becoming the more ’senior’ pharmacist at work just becomes more and more scary…

OK Lets get out of work and talk about more exciting things… I hope.


I’ve done a little bit of travelling… Back to Malaysia- As always, but this time for a couple of weddings. My family is finally growing up and my generation of cousins are finally getting married.

Travelled to Vietnam for a friend’s wedding, and was lucky enough to be part of her traditional ceremony.

Travelled to Taiwan with my family (minus my brother…) and managed to meet up with my high school best friend whom I haven’t met since… high school. It doesn’t sound a long time ago but it’s actually been 6 years!

Travelled back to the lovely Adelaide for my brother’s graduation and reminded myself why I loved that place, but at the same time, why I can’t live there forever.

And in terms of friendships and relationships… well I didn’t exactly make many new friends… but I learnt a little more about being in relationships. Gosh… they’re confusing things… and to be figuring that out at 25… I guess… Better late than never.

I learnt that religious beliefs is not something you can just swipe aside as it pretty much governs how someone views life.

I learnt that communication is key in anything. And where there is lack of communication, nothing will work.

I learnt that problems must be faced full frontal. Issues at work, issues with friends… you can’t just hide everything away. It will eventually come back and nip you in the bum. So Talk things out. If there’s a problem, work on it and figure it out because hidden problems will not solve itself.

Well… that’s all I have for now

What’s my plans for the next year?

1) Continue to grow at work. Although I feel like I’m being filled to the brim and overworked and being stuffed with too much till I can’t chew or swallow, I think I’m lucky enough to be in a work environment that encourages me to grow, learn, and continue improving myself. Do all I can while I can right? I’m still young and awesome!

2) Be a better person. Be a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister and a better colleague… And to do that I’ll need to improve on so many things, but let’s start with 3:

1- Be less selfish
2- Be more hardworking (Less procrastination!)
3- Be more observant (it’s amazing how much you can learn about others if you just watch them)

3) Continue to travel! So many weddings to attend, so many people to meet… Looking forward especially to a primary school friends outing and to being a ’sister’ to the bride for the first time. :)
4) Get off my phone when there’s nothing important to do on it. Lol. But really. I spend way too much time on it doing absolutely nothing.

It might not look like much to others, It’s a lot to expect from myself… Hence they’re ‘plans’ and not ‘new years resolutions’. A rather cowardly act on my side. But it’s better than nothing.

Happy new year and have a wonderful 2014.

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and im still reading here

January 8th, 2014 at 10:56 am

sounds like you achieved a lot in 2013, Lilo! completely agree about religion on someone’s perspectives; faith is such a tricky subject to negotiate, especially when two people approach something with completely different, but equally well-meaning assumptions. hope 2014 brings even more friendship, love and success. P.S. i don’t think you’re selfish so you don’t have to worry about that first resolution…!

January 17th, 2014 at 5:08 am

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